From: Alliance Command (
Sent: September 08, 2184 20:04 UT
To: Jacob Taylor (
Subject: Operation Brother Sam


In honor of your distinguished service at Arcturus, I have been authorized to grant you an extended leave of absence. Although you will be missed, it is of the utmost importance that you take this time to recharge and re-target.
Below you will find a list of the Marines who will be taking the civvie freighter off-station with you. I wish we could have provided you with an Alliance vessel for your trip home, but you know how tight resources are right now. I am sure what we have supplied you with will be more than adequate for your purposes.
Take care of yourself and your family. God speed.


  • Capt Veymen
  • 1stLt Mannovai
  • Pfc Desmond
  • GySgt Jacyn
  • Cw3 Neema
  • Cpl Kreegnog

- Adm. Hackett

This message originated from an Alliance military network. It has been censored at transmission source for security purposes. Any reply may be read by military authorities.


From: Dr. Ledra Mannovai (
To:Concord Crew (


I wanted to bring to the crews attention that while running some diagnostics on our autonomous mechanical battle espionage and recon unit, or AMBER, as the crew so affectionately refers to it, I discovered a rather well hidden sub-routine that allowed me to “over-clock” its joint motors. Simply speaking, with this added torque, this should give it a statistical edge in melee combat.

Also, Captain, one of the rough-necks stationed on the engineering deck still owes me 200 credits after he lost to me in a card game last week. Please remind him that I am expecting payment promptly. I would hate to forget that he is allergic to pennicillin the next time he ends up in my med-bay.


From: Jacyn (
To:Concord Crew (
Subject: (no subject)

Gents, I received an email and it seems that I have to swing by Noveria for a minute. If we could squeeze this into a drop off for Aria of some type of materials we might be able to make this a two fold trip.

Also, I do think we should put some more time into finding a way to adapt a tactical cloaking system to our vessel. Especially with the past adventures in mind, I think it would give us an edge that no one else in the galaxy has…

I will be down in the hold practicing hand to hand with A.M.B.E.R. and the Marines.



From: Fedoral’Mal nar Neema (Unknown)
To: Concord Crew (
Subject: Re:(no subject)

I too wish to notify the crew of my need to go to the Citadel on a Fleet related matter. It is not of the utmost importance, merely something that will yield a great scientific breakthrough as a reward.

As to the cloaking of the ship, it is being worked on as we speak. Schematics are being worked on while simulations are run to verify the required power and tech the ship will need to be prepared. Also calibrating it so that it will be viable to use during our space travels will be in order once it has been installed. The short duration of the personal tactical cloak will not be sufficient enough for our purposes.

We will also need to rework the ship to be invisible to sensors and not just the naked eye. I believe that the remains of the SSV Normandy SR-1 will provide a boon of materials if not just insight as to what we would need to improve the Concord. Hopefully the ship will still be there when we get around to it.

On a final note while I look forward to working on such a massive scale to perform these upgrades on the Concord, I believe that the first steps taken should actually be done with the transport shuttle. It will require much less of everything to work on and prepare it. Plus in the worse case scenario we only need to replace a shuttle and not an entire ship. That being said I believe I can get it on the first try.

-Fedoral’Mal nar Neema


From: Captain Veymen (
To: Concord Crew (
Subject: Landing and Repairs

As you no doubt have realized, we sustained heavy losses in our fight with the Cheros Cult. We have lost some of our men, our ship has been damaged, and the young ward Sara has been kidnapped. I assure you we will avenge the former and rectify the latter. However, we must first deal with our medial problem: the Concord’s repairs.

The suicide bombers have damaged our engines, and to repair it I’ve been told we’ll need eezo. Fortunately, I’ve located an eezo-rich asteroid passing through the system not far from Thessia. This asteroid will provide us with a secure location and the necessary resources to complete our repairs.

Fedoral has “commandeered” a Thessian satellite to give us a glimpse at the asteroid. We will touch down 1 click outside of a large rift. From there the ground team will infil while I remain on board to hasten repairs. Your mission is to locate the eezo, extract the necessary amount, and return to the ship.

The operation will commence in 1600 hours. Good luck.


From: Fedoral’Mal nar Neema (Unknown)
To: Concord Crew (
Subject: Newest passenger

So as I am sure everyone is aware we have a situation that is getting worse by the hour, literally. The royalty in our cargo hold is in dire need of some private space the size of a planet or at least a large asteroid. I am currently running scans for viable locations that may be suitable to her royal highness’ needs. Though if someone has suggestions it may help to narrow down the search. I am thinking a Batarian pirate world, because fuck the Batarians.


From: Fedoral’Mal nar Neema (Unknown)
To: Concord Crew (
Subject: Ship upgrades

Seeing as my stay on this ship will be longer than I expected, I honestly thought it would have been blown up inside of a month, I have started taking measures in improving our dear MSV Concord. Below you will find a list of upgrades which I would like to suggest in no particular order:

  • A hydroponics facility will go far once our crew grows in size and also allow unless longer periods of independence in space
  • Bigger Element Zero Core for faster travel and less fuel consumption
  • Upgrading thrusters to Military Grade Antiproton drives or possibly Helios Thruster Module with some R&D to allow for more maneuverability
  • Upgrade our Radiator Panels to Diffuse Radiator Arrays (“Tiger Stripes” or “War Paint” to you humans) and also look into a droplet coolant system if we wish to make the Concord battle worthy
  • Upgrading our sensors suite and electronic countermeasures will be another must for a battle competent Concord
  • Ablative Armor is another necessary upgrade if we wish to avoid sudden death while in space
  • A GARDIAN system is in order because a good defense is a must for a ship our size
  • Mass Accelerators will ensure that we are not always on the defensive. Given our ships length it will afford us enough space for a nice broadside array on either side and our main gun running the length of our ship will be able to compete with the best of them

Two things are hampering these plan for a dream boat. First we have an issue of lack of crew, especially after the failed rescue mission for the runt. Second this will not be cheap but working with the best never is. I believe the commandeered ship could help us with our financial woes a bit. If find a nice price from somewhere else we can always jump on it but I know the Flotilla is always on the lookout for ships. Also, One that is combat capable is always a plus. I hope we can address these issues when we reconvene for our routine get together in the war room.


From: Captain Veymen (
To: Concord Crew (
Subject: Operation Closing Window

As many of you would agree, our operation aboard the Concord is growing in strength. I feel now is the time for it to also grow in capacity. Recent events around the Class D star in Tortuga’s system, as well as Fedoral’s impressive list of planned upgrades to the ship, have proven to me it is time for us to make decisions that will allow us unchecked growth.

Our close relationship, and dependence, on the Alliance has been a boon thus far, but what we have gained in military and espionage strength we have lost in professional mobility. We are confined by the Corsairs program as much uplifted by it. I don’t want to cease doing business with the Alliance, just make a professional shift that makes us less dependent on their support. Our recent gains – the addition of a new Corvette with a strong weapons suite, a possible base on the gas giant’s moon, and our fiscally favorable relationship with Aria- show that we have the capacity to be more than just a run-and-gun merc group; I think we could become real, galactic players if we play our cards right.

I propose this: The crisis on Tortuga will end itself in 48 hours. Before this happens, we can make known to the public a brand-new crisis and technology Think Tank that has appeared to “solve” the solar problems. When the crisis resolves itself, “Plastron Proceedings” will take the credit, literally and figuratively. By creating a public front, we will have the ability to deal in the shadows and out. As a shell company, Plastron Proceedings can provide a source of income that will allow us to make Fedoral’s proposed upgrades, further strengthening our position.

If we decide to do this, we will need a public face for our business. Someone who won’t arouse too many questions; someone believable but forgettable. I nominate our Salarian. Fedoral can create a shell persona for Ledra to use as well- we don’t want this legitimate business to be officially connected with any of us. If all goes according to plan, we’ll be one step closer to financial autonomy.

One of the critical components in our line of work is anonymity. We must not lose that. The benefits of having public holdings is buoyed by the risk of discovery. However, with careful technical and financial wrangling, I believe we can have our levo-amino cake and eat it, too (except for Fedoral).

- Veymen


From: Dr. Ledra Mannovai (
To: Concord crew (
Subject: Missing plastic sheeting


It has most likely come to the crew’s attention that I have set up a rather large network of plastic sheeting and tubes in my medical bay. It may also have come to your attention that Fedoral has been missing ever since his diplomatic union with one of the more intelligent Dyson sphere machines. Rest assured, the two incidents are related. After Fedoral’s encounter with the machines it was of the utmost importance that the sphere and Fedoral both be closely studied. After I made Fedoral a post-mission drink, he slipped into a light comatose state where then I was able to get him to the lab for study. After creating a makeshift immuno-suppressant chamber I began my observations.

It appears that the machine has combined itself with Federal on a molecular level, to the point that trace amounts of machine technology have begun to fuse with his exo-suit, even making repairs and running low level diagnostics on the suit itself. It has become clear that the removal of this device is out of the question, since the machine appears to be the only thing keeping him alive. After running some blood work it also appears that Fedoral’s blood is teaming with nanomachines, to the point that they are creating their own cells and giving Fedoral a sort of artificial immune system. After removing Fedoral’s exo-suit in its entirety I realized that he no longer has any use for it. His immune system is now operating at a level only a Vorcha could achieve. Fedoral is currently still comatose but can wake up any time I deem it needed. I’m wondering the best way to tell him he is the first Quarian in over 300 years to not require an exo-suit.


From: Torg Veymen (
To: Concord Crew (
Subject: My Late Brother’s Belongings
This One’s New Crewmates,

While recently going through Torg’s private data cache, this one has come across some.. personal videos. This one does not require such entertainment, so if anyone would like to pick up his copies of Blasto Saves Christmas, Asari Confessions 26: True Blue, or (and this is for Korrel) a limited edition Fornax: Krogasm, please let me know.

This one also perused his extranet history cache, and found he viewed one video in particular over 1,200 times. Does anyone recognize it?


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