A nutritious and numerous race

They are small, slightly larger than a fist, have bare, rounded bodies ranging in color from pink to grey blue. Their skin is has a translucent quality, making them hard to spot in the reflective, icy caverns they are so commonly found in. They are infuriatingly mischievous and squeaky.Beebles

The Beebles are a strange reptile, mammal hybrid capable of long periods of hibernation deep within ice. Their original home world is unknown, and most live on frozen moons and asteroids.
The asteroids act as seeds, which the Beebles ride across the galaxy in deep hibernation. This is possible because of their ability to drastically alter their body temperature to extremes.

While in deep space they maintain a constant body temperature in excess of -600°C. If disturbed, for example with fire, the Beebles will immediately seek to neutralize any sources of heat, including the body heat produced by living organisms. They do this by piling onto the heat source and rapidly re-freezing themselves. This is quite dangerous to any living organism caught in such a pile, and can kill in minutes.

If an asteroid carrying Beebles makes contact with a solid planetary body, the squeaky pests will awaken and “defrost” by rapidly raising their body temperature. Although it has never been witnessed, it is believed that a swarm of Beebles can increase their body temperature via stacking to almost 1000°C.

In depth studies on Beeble biology has not been performed, but it is known that the majority of their body mass is densely packed with high-calorie lipids, vital nutrients, and minerals, which are used to fuel hibernation and metabolic changes. As a result, they are highly nutritious. Rachni in particular seem fond of nesting in ice caves rich with Beebles. The nutritious substrate provided by the Beebles will quickly help a colony grow as well as provide material for the chemical and biological ‘sciences’ performed by Rachni workers.

Hungry rachni


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