Capt. Veymen, deceased

Drell soldier and captain of The Concord

  • Down with the ship
  • “The strong man can make himself”
  • Fighter not a lover
  • “Anything with 2 wings or 4 wheels”
  • “Over my cold, dead body”
  • “I’ve got my eye on you”
  • “I understand you’re a man who knows how to get things”
  • Leave no man behind
  • Skills Rank Related Stunts
    Alertness 2
    Athletics 3 Sandow Strong
    Contacting 2
    Guns 2
    Hand to Hand 2 My Daughter Hits Harder
    Leadership 4 Quick Decisions Under
    Resolve 2
    Sense Motive 2 Hit Them Where it Hurts
    Starship Piloting 3
    Starship Systems 2

    Recruited by Hanar Militants at a young age, Kor Veymen has spent the majority of his 49 years aboard deep space cruisers. His work has spanned the Milky Way, giving him great familiarity with astral routes and starship systems. Due to the lengthy time spent with various mercenary and military factions, he holds only a passing regard for the customs of his people, and has developed a gruff, no-nonsense approach to his command. He is fair, if not patient.

    On a recent mission, the captain was shot in the left eye. He now has a ocular implant through which he receives all omni-tool data. This has also granted him night vision.

    Capt. Veymen, deceased

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