Tall... Dark... Deadly...


Could pick a fly’s wing of at a mile
Melts quietly into the shadows
What? N7 who? Hahaha, come on!
Ever vigilant; in the brightest of day, darkest of night.

Rifle Marksmanship-****
Tech 4
Stealth 3
Tactics 2
Survival 1
Leadership 2
Athletics 2
Endurance 3
Sleight of Hand 1
Alertness 1
Perception 2


Tactical cloak


Mass effect 3 i phone wallpaper kaidan alenko

Jacyn was originally Shanghai’d by Cerberus as a young teen. He was trained by Cerberus and honed by the Alliance. This was made possible by the illusive man’s contacts. He trained along side a few, but the best that humanity never knew existed. He was assigned to the CTR (Cerberus Terminus Reconnaissance). He performed countless operations starting from just being a lonely scout, to eventually leading his own missions deep into the Terminus system. From there his record is only privy and kept by the Illusive man himself. After constant deployments and genocide, by his hands, Jacyn escaped. He quietly gallivanted around the galaxy only using his charm and good looks. Never staying anywhere more than a week, but always staying with a new acquaintance. He used an old earth comic hero as his alias; Wade (Winston) Wilson. No one ever figured it out. Until as of late, when fate knocked on his door.


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