SSV Concord

This is my ship, there are many like it but this one is mine.


The Concord was built in 2154, originally designed to be a cruise vessel, transporting earths super rich on an orbit around Saturn’s moon, Janus. In 2157 after the break-out of the first contact war, the concord was redesigned to be an alliance frigate, shuttling in larger fighters and corvettes to the most volatile of Human/Turian war-zones. After the first contact war little is known of the whereabouts of the concord, until in 2181 where it was commandeered by the Alliance from Batarian slavers near the space station Omega. The outdated concord was then converted back to it’s original state as a transport vessel, ferrying civilians, soldiers, and mercenaries alike across the terminus systems.


SSV Concord

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