Fedoral'Mal nar Neema

Quarian Machinist and Head Engineer of the Concord

  • “You can’t hit what you can’t see…”
  • “There is no system I can’t build up or breakdown”
  • Brains over brawn
  • Curiosity killed the cat
  • “I’ll get it right the next time”
  • Born with a wrench in his hand
  • “I’m a leaf on the wind…”
  • Up close and personal
  • Skills Rank Related Stunts
    Tech 4 A.I. Hacking
    Stealth 3 Tactical Cloak
    Engineer 3 Combat Drone
    Starship Piloting 2
    Hand to Hand 2
    Melee Weapons 3 Omni-blade
    Demolitions 2
    Athletics 2
    Starship Systems 1
    Starship Gunnery 1
    Physics 1

    Quarian male ppp

    Fedoral’Mal nar Neema had always let his curiosity get the best of him even at a young. When the time came for his pilgrimage to begin the usual festivities were had. But he could not help think that much of the joy was generated simply by his departure. Never the less he went out on his pilgrimage with hopes of supplying the fleet with the much need resources it required.

    Fedoral'Mal nar Neema

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